Student Handbook
Student Clubs
Step Team meets on Wednesdays from 3-5 and Fridays from 4-6.
Contact Mr. Paublo for more information.
Does your student need extra help with homework?

Homework club will meet after school until 5 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


Monday-Room E4 with Ms. Chavez

Tuesday-Room Library Classroom with Ms. Magee

Thursday-Room S6 with Mrs. Grove

Each grade level has a book club that meets during their lunch.  

The students choose the book from a list of sets that we have in our school library and they decide how many chapters they will read each week. The goal is to read all of their grade level books during the year: 3 in both 6th and 7th, 4 in 8th.  

Meetings consist of eating lunch and discussing general opinions, predictions, and ideas. Our host, Miss Wineinger, the library assistant, has also found discussion guides for the books online and we utilize the questions that apply to the sections that we have read so far.

MESA club is the Alice Vail Chapter of the Arizona MESA program. MESA stands for Math, Engineering, Science and Achievement. The goal is to get kids excited about engineering and college. Each year the MESA offers an assortment of challenges for students to compete in. Our club will be doing some fun weekly engineering challenges and choosing one of the official challenges to work on over the course of the year. If we have a team that wants to compete, we will go to the state competition which is usually in April or May.  MESA club meets on Mondays after school. Contact Ms. Grove for more information.
Gaming Club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Contact Ms. Shea for more information.